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“Blasé Blues”

The fun part is about to be over
Gravity your head is pulled
to fro every other direction
Your mouth speaks but you hear nothing
The clock’s stagnant time’s disappeared
time has stopped (that’s how it feels anyway)
and it’s ours to play with
Thoughts and words copulate
emotions step on oneanother
not knowing you’ve lost your grip
of almost everything
You know that secret you’ve been
hiding for yourself
Well don’t worry
that’s what friends are for
Memories oh god damn memories
all come stampeding back even though
you can’t even remember your
own two feet
The fun part is over prepare for the pain
But come on you know
you had a good night

Excerpt from Lost in London


the last fall hit me on the head
and that should have been my lesson
but my head wasn’t split open?
so why should this hurt me?

there is a light
within those portals
mortals call your eyes
that make it so impossible
to correlate your name
with the breaking of hearts

and even after your third no
to my promises to love you
with all the strength my old dog of a heart,
it persists to bounce back;

you remain true
a combatant against my blues

and even if the paths
don’t let us walk the same one forever
and maybe one day someone will
wake me up to love them instead

but for the time being
you’ll forever be
my poetry pedestal
my coloured dream come true
my antidote against the winter monster

and there it is
my heart is yours
my breath caught in you