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Happy new year!

Happy new year to you all!

Got lots to be thankful for, got lots of poetry I’m so happy to have written, and so much people I’m grateful to have in my life, carving me into a man like the ocean tumbling a small pebble. Shout outs to everyone at @BYPoets, my family all over London and Manila, and all my kapatids all over the world, especially my London ones who I spent the first day of the year with. Thank you for letting me reunite with my brotha Kuya Jack Daniel’s haha.

Got lots of awesome things to look forward to in 2017 but for now, here’s a group shot of the #SalabuangGang when we were featured on Chaboba’s Facebook page last week!


Let’s win this 2017, guys.

– T

New poem out now on the latest issue of Cha!

I’ve got a new poem published out!

It’s somehow kismet how this entire thing turned out.

I had met Filipino singer-songwriter June Marieezy this time last year during her London debut performance in Hackney and was, to be quite frank, changed by our short but sweet interaction. One of them involved me writing a poem based on that and everything else that I’ve learnt from it, resulting in it coming out through the 32nd issue of Cha: An Asian Literary Journal.

“Soul Child” is part of the Distance section of the issue, which is in collaboration with Health in Action, a Hong Kong charity that promotes community health and wellbeing through the empowerment of the underprivileged. The publication of this special section will coincide with Health in Action’s Refugee Week Art Movement (week of 20 June 2016) to raise awareness for asylum seekers and refugees in Hong Kong. (20 June 2016 is World Refugee Day.)

Funny how this poem was also published in June, the month which a lot of people on Twitter refer to as June’s month.

“Soul Child” by Troy Cabida

I hope you all enjoy reading my poem (alongside the rest of the beautifully crafted issue) as much as I enjoyed writing and living it.

Shout outs to the team of Cha: Tammy Ho Lai-Ming, Reid Mitchell, BBP Hosmillo, Mag Tan and Eddie Tay. And shout outs to all my fellow contributors; I’m stoked to be a part of an issue which features a lot of fellow Filipino literary artists!!!

– Troy

Catching up

2016 is shaping up to be one heck of a year. And I can’t get enough of it.

Been learning how to really work my butt off and even though the excess result is a lack of sleep, Sims 2 playtime, sometimes prolonged confusion or lutang (sorry Facebook group chat members) and a general absence from my blog, rest assured all is well and will be better than before.

In midst of bagging groceries, wandering around London Zoo and interning for Start Your Business, here’s a recap of some of the new poems that have been published and have found their new homes in different sites and journals since January!

WISH“Some are more equal than others”

Thank you to Jeremiah Walton, Scott Thomas Outlar and the whole team behind Walking Is Still Honest! Glad to have this Bamboo-esque poem out. And what a journal to have it featured on, too! Check out the interview I did with them too here. This goes out for those working hard; keep at it and ignore the stupidity, guys.

The Poet Community“Road Trip”, “Falling Leaves”

Shout outs to Guy Farmer for publishing these poems! “Road Trip” was loosely inspired by my Isle of Wight road trip last year and the Karylle song, of course, whilst “Falling Leaves” is a very special poem of mine because it’s a #TBT to sixth form and going the long way home just because. I’m still grinning and grateful to finally have my now three-year old poem out! Felt like my child graduated from university!

Eastlit (March 2016)“Sunday Mass & Other Poems”

Ever since I got featured on Our Own Voice it’s been my personal mission to be featured in more Asian-themed journals. The literature I read from these journals are always so compelling and inspiring.

“Posh” deals with the first time I returned to the Philippines and got some interesting comments. “Selenite” is a love letter to my sister in Heaven and “Who We’re Writing For” is actually republished, first appearing on Parallel Ink’s second issue on Issuu. “Sunday Mass” depicts a true story of one morning mass in London, a day when Typhoon Yolanda was still fresh in every Filipino’s heart.

Thank you to Graham Lawrence for accepting my poetry and to all of those who praised my work! I send to you my gratitude. I also got news lately that the issue got the highest amount of views and traction from readers ever!

Anomaly Lit“Cover Down/Strip Up”

One of my older, darker pieces gets the Anomaly treatment in their second issue. It was interesting looking back on the roots of that poem and then having to fast forward to the present and just seeing the difference from yesterday to today. Thank you to entire team behind Anomaly and to my friend Lorcán Black who was so cool and awesome towards my work. I can’t wait for the next issue! Watch out for their third issue coming very, very soon.

I was also a part of their podcast that goes with every issue; if you want to hear my voice talking about my work and why I do why I do, hit this link. Happy reading and listening!

Ink, Sweat & Tears“Anvil”

“Anvil” is one of my newer poems and I was lucky enough to have had it published quicker than I thought. This one’s pretty special too because the poem wouldn’t work without mentioning Filipino band Yolanda Moon, whose music inspired me to write the poem. Luckily I got their permission to keep the poem that way it is. Thank you to Helen Ivory and Yolanda Moon!

Check out their debut album Light of Day on Spotify! They’re pretty cool.

Infinity House 2016

I’ve also got a new writing gig! This time it’s over at Infinity House Magazine, where I write primarily about healing, crystal work, nerdiness and all that interesting concept of human relationships. Head on the link on the previous sentence or check out each article I’ve written so far on the link below:

Shout outs to Ford!

– Troy