Poet Interview #15 -Troy Cabida

Got a poem on WISH (Walking Is Still Honest) out later today! But before that, check out this interview I did with them. Check out the other talented poets there too! All the best!

Walking Is Still Honest Press

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? At what age did you start writing? Have you always written poetry? Who/what first inspired you to start writing? Who are your favorite poets?

I started writing poetry when I was fifteen years old and was going through what might be the first time I’ve ever felt heartbroken. My entire life was going through such a transitional phase that I needed to find something to help vent in a way that’s harmless and progressive for the healing process. I ended up writing a lot of sad and emotional poetry that I’m glad I didn’t send out to magazines. And as I grew older and saw and learnt more about the world my poetry became more positive, more balanced and something that’s become a huge part of my identity.

Music has actually become more of an inspiration to me than poetry when…

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