Lost in London now out on iBooks!

It’s been a while since I posted anything! Hi guys!

It’s also been quite a long summer for me. What with my work, being out with friends, watching Miss Saigon (blog entry on that soon!) and just plain ol’ writing, I’m glad to say that my 2013 poetry book Lost in London is now available digitally through Blurb and iBooks!

Life seen through the eyes of a Filipino teenager finding his way and his path in London, Lost in London deals with the highs, the lows, the emotions, the group selfies and the road trips that make up the memories which become cement to long-lasting bonds, which eventually become sweeteners and cushions for when grownup life gets too rough. It’s all about the friendship, the #hugoat moments and the good vibes.

Here are some free tastes to get you interested:

Special thanks to my portrait photographer Ate Precious Abarides, to my cover artist Shaneka Tara Williams for all of the talent and to my poetry editor Kuya Mark Castillo. To those who lent their quotes and those who have supported my writing in their own way. Thank you!

Fun fact: Singer-songwriter Karylle is one of them!!!

Thank you to all who have already gotten their copy!

Hope you can support my book and most of all, I hope they resonate well with you. Happy reading!

Web Map:

Blurb UK: Lost in London

iBooks UK: Lost in London

– Troy


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