“You and Me”

was all about planning for tomorrow,
too busy to find the time for today, you know?

But then you walked in,
gave me a smile, showed me sincerity,
and from then on, I felt something hard to hide easily,

because behind those funny old-school glasses,
are eyes made to take away my frown.
Eager eyes of brown, caring eyes of brown.

You knew it from the start, but just chose not to say,
every time we’d talk about a sensible something,
we’d end up laughing about absolutely nothing.

That’s what they said,
that were we were destined,
be the next two to be loved and envied.

And maybe they’re right.

When we become our living dreams, whatever that may be,
after we finally set these feelings free,
that’ll simply be you and me.


Originally part of my poetry book Lost in London


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