“Virgo” by June Marieezy (2013)

While her first EP “Heavy Eyes” leans towards more of an urban sound, a perfect soundtrack for the midnight city dweller, June Marieezy’s second collection of songs sounds more like the creative outlet of her soul, a soul that is pure and carefree, means well and can take you to places that only the power of sound can.

A hybrid of hip-hop, soul, Filipino and American influences, old and new fans alike will find themselves instantly comfortable around “Virgo” and its stellar musical production, singing her views on society and sobriety with a style that both glides through you and hits you wide awake.

An example to this is in the third track and my personal favourite “Purple Tree”, a song that successfully rebels without breaking voice and sounding a tiny bit angry, channeling the right vibes. They say that the right music can give you natural high, and I can vouch for that whilst listening to this EP, what with the smooth beats and clever and silky delivery of such lyrics like:

“I don’t want the paper cuts in my hand
Green like purple tree I know I know energy
Money currency all over me
Got society disease I need remedy”

There is nothing abrupt or shocking in these five songs, traits that make this EP very much deserving of the title “Virgo”.

Now, if I could only just get my hands on her new material.

Web Map:

iTunes: Virgo

Bandcamp: Virgo

PS Check out her Bandcamp website if you’d like to order a physical copy of the album, with the album cover handmade by the artist herself.

Featured photo courtesy of Vandals on the Wall’s shot from June Marieezy’s music video “Faces”.


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