Ten Things August 2014 Has Taught Me

1. Daniel Wellington watches can solve pretty much a lot of things.

2. Overtime shifts are not that fun after you’ve had your fifth one round.

3. Buying stuff with my own hard-earned money can be a bit difficult, even when I know I need to.

4. TGIS is a godsent restaurant with killer chicken wings.

5. It’s not bad to validate your own emotions. I’m sort of human, too.

6. Having a MacBook really does make my computer duties a lot easier.

7. Bubble milk tea makes my stomach sick, but sadly not my taste buds. Sorry!

8. Working in central London means I need to brush up on my Spanish and French skills again.

9. Not everyone I know will be there for me. But I shouldn’t feel that bad about it.

10. The most unexpected of people will come through for me. And that I should feel goddamn lucky to have people like those around me (And now I really, really, REALLY am).


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