Son. Brother. Leo. Warrior. Poet.

Camilla Greenwell, Barbican 2018

Troy Cabida is a poet, editor and producer born and raised in Manila and currently based in London.

As a poet, Troy is an alumnus of the Barbican Young Poets collective (2016-2018). His poems have been published on such journals as Bukambibig, Our Own Voice, Anomaly Lit, Rambutan LiteraryEastlit, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal and The Ofi Press, where his poem was translated into Spanish. His performing credits include The Milton Court, Battersea Arts Centre, Upper Norwood Library Hub, Walthamstow Garden Party, Bare Lit Festival and Caravansérail.

As editor, Troy has contributed to Thought Collection Publishing, The Murmur House and is currently senior editor for writing for Siblíní Journal. He is also credited as editor for Thought Collection Publishing’s first poetry collection “30 Days Dry” written by Chicago poet-playwright Robert Eric Shoemaker.

As a producer, Troy’s projects include London poetry open mic night Poetry and Shaah, spearheaded by poet and producer Neimo Askar and Overture: An Evening with Troy Cabida, his first headline poetry show in collaboration with poet and creative producer Ruth Sutoyé.

Aiden Harmitt-Williams, DIY Space for London 2018

Troy’s favourite things include bubble tea, having money, the Wonder Woman movie/s and shelving books quietly on his own at his day job in the library. Expect more of that alongside poetry, pictures from adventures and people talking about their favourite things coming out of this blog.

For bookings and enquiries, Troy may be contacted through troycabida@yahoo.com.


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  1. Many thanks for visiting my blog Troy! I’m honoured and grateful ☺☺☺ I look fwd to reading your creations. Peace, love and light, jules

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